THAIS-EPOS Letter on subgroup of induced seismicity
Support and contribution to formally establish and launch the sub-group on induced seismicity within EPOS
EPOS Newsletter - February 2012
POS Newsletter (February 2012) with description of THAIS Initiative by A. Piątkowska "Laboratory of Triggered and Induced Seismicity - THAIS initiative"
Laboratory and Triggered and Induced Seismicity - THAIS
Description of THAIS Initiative by S. Lasocki, B. Orlecka-Sikora, T. Dahm, S. Cesca, M. Bonhoff, G. Kwiatek, October 27th, 2011
supporting letter from the IASPEI
Supporting letter from the IASPEI
Teamwork for Hazard Assessment for Induced Seismicity (THAIS).Data infrastructure requirements
Materials presented at the EPOS meeting at EGU in Vienna March 2011
The copy of the EPOS report concerning WG10
The presentations of WG10 given at the EPOS Preparatory Phase Regional Conference in Bergen on 25-26 February 2013
Conclusions from the discussion held during WG10:Infrastructure for Georesources Meeting in Kraków, Poland, 17-19.02.2013
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