Meeting of the Working Group WG10 "Infrastructures for Georesources"

On 9-11 October 2013 the meeting of the Working Group WG10 "Infrastructures for Georesources" took place in Krakow.

The main objective of WG10 "Infrastructures for Georesources" is to integrate and build research infrastructure for optimal research performance in the field of human-induced seismicity. Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is the coordinator of WG10. The Group is one of the ten working groups of the European Plate Observing System - EPOS  project. It is the largest European infrastructure project in the field of Earth Sciences, which aims to develop innovative solutions for better understanding of the processes occurring on the surface and in the Earth’s interior.


EPOS WG10 meeting in Prague

The last meeting of WG10 was held during the EPOS meeting in Prague
in September (17-20.09.2012). Main topics discussed:

-   the WG10 Core Services
-   our input to RIDE
-   the Intellectual Property Rights
-   Governance
-   ERIC and financial framework with respect to our WG10.
The next meeting of the working group is scheduled in February 2013.
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