Meeting of the Working Group WG10 "Infrastructures for Georesources"

On 9-11 October 2013 the meeting of the Working Group WG10 "Infrastructures for Georesources" took place in Krakow.

The main objective of WG10 "Infrastructures for Georesources" is to integrate and build research infrastructure for optimal research performance in the field of human-induced seismicity. Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is the coordinator of WG10. The Group is one of the ten working groups of the European Plate Observing System - EPOS  project. It is the largest European infrastructure project in the field of Earth Sciences, which aims to develop innovative solutions for better understanding of the processes occurring on the surface and in the Earth’s interior.

The meeting was attended by representatives of:  IGF PAS, Coal Company, Bobrek-Centrum Coal Mine, Central Mining Institute, GFZ Potsdam, University Complutense de Madrid, Charles University Prague, Ebro Observatory, GEIE EMC, NORSAR, INERIS, INGV, ISTerre, CYFRONET, K-UTEC AG.

During the meeting, following topic have been discussed:

1.  Plan for digital implementation of research area for the EPOS induced seismicity.
2.    The possibility of synergy between EPOS WG10 and other major initiatives / projects in Europe, Joint Programming Initiatives, Horizon 2020;
3.    Perspectives for WG10 to develop policy recommendations for the European monitoring of induced seismicity accompanying the exploitation of mineral resources and energy
4.    Interaction with national administrative units and research funding agencies;
5.    Methods of cooperation with industrial partners;
6.    The issue of copyright and intellectual property integrated within WG 10 research infrastructure.

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