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In response to the increasing need for integration of scientists and engineers active in induced seismicity, Department of Seismology and Physics of the Earth`s Interior of Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences together with the  Department of Geophysics, University of Hamburg, Germany, Central Mining Institute, Poland, and Section 3.2 Geomechanics  and Rheology, Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences initiated THAIS - Teamwork For Hazard  Assessment For Induced Seismicity Initiative.


The inspiration for this project from the authors’ research experience in the field of induced seismicity as well as discussions conducted within the framework of the Triggered and Induced Seismicity Working Group (TAIS WG) of IASPEI.


Implementation of the project will intensify scientific international cooperation considerably, and promote the exchange of knowledge on technological processes which contribute to seismicity and also on estimation of the related hazards. This international cooperation will be organized around specific scientific problems and will extend over the areas of induced seismicity of every origin. Internationally coordinated actions undertaken within the framework of THAIS project will simplify the conducting of experiments concerning estimation of the induced seismic hazard under different tectonic as well as technological conditions. The project will accelerate transfer of knowledge in the field of induced seismicity and related hazards.


One of the biggest goal of this project is to create and develop Virtual Research Centre Team to study the generation of induced seismicity, develop methods of estimation of the seismic hazard due to triggered and induced seismicity, conduct geophysical modelling, and test the efficiency of estimation and prediction of seismic hazard methods, algorithms and procedures.


Virtual Research Centre VRC

is an autonomous unit consisting of scientists and industrial representatives from various institutions and countries, grouped around specified problems, which are common regardless the process that causes seismicity.

Cooperation within the whole THE TAIS Team, as well as whitin individual VRCs, is supported by modern IT.

Each VRC has its own cyberspace in which the VRC members share all the resources of the VRC.

A VRC verifies the up-to-date knowledge on a secified topic, develops new methods and test their efficiency. Scientists grouped in a VRC might undertake separate projects.




To develop the infrastructure, which include this Active Center THAIS involved into work of EPOS Working Group 10- Induced Seismicity, which is the biggest Infrastructural project in Europe. The connection of THAIS with EPOS will enable the migration of methodologies, results of experiments and ready solutions between the natural and anthropogenic seismicity communities.

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