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Induced seismicity is the undesired dynamic response of rock mass to human technological activity that disturbs the equilibrium of the medium. Increasing needs for energy and minerals, and the growing complexity of technological processes, result in the appearance of seismicity in previously aseismic areas. Induced seismic events accompany underground and open-cast mining, exploitation of oil and gas, the filling of water reservoirs, geothermal energy production, and underground storage of liquids and gases. Strong seismic events caused by human activity are comparable moderate earthquakes and are dangerous for people, technical devices, and various infrastructure objects.
The induced seismicity problem is a combination of human influence on rocks and the rocks’ response. The field is therefore intrinsically interdisciplinary and involves also studies of the particular technological processes that lead to induced seismic activity.

Induced seismicity, as a shallow seismicity problem, requires the adoption of specific and adequate methodological approaches and data collections.

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